Geelong scaffolding erection & dismantling

At Perimeter Scaffolding, we provide a comprehensive and professional Geelong scaffolding erecting and dismantling service. Our scaffolding erection and dismantling service includes an entire package for domestic residential scaffolding jobs up to medium density projects. After our free consultation and quoting process, we will supply, transport, erect and dismantle, with four weeks’ scaffold hire included in the initial quote.

We understand that no two jobs are the same, therefore our quoting formula is flexible and negotiable from project to project. Often jobs require more than four weeks of scaffold hire and this can be negotiated. Some customers might want to dismantle the scaffolding themselves as they work and we can accommodate this in our pricing. It is common for our certified Geelong scaffolders to erect and dismantle scaffolding in stages, therefore customers are invoiced in stages as opposed to one hit. Transporting and supplying is a one-off charge, however prices can differ for set-up and dismantling, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Perimeter Scaffolding has 700 tonnes of Kwikstage scaffolding and tube-and-fit scaffold stored undercover. All scaffolding is transported and manoeuvered on site with our range of equipment including a 26-tonne truck with mounted forklift. Our Kwikstage steel scaffolding range includes roof and residential scaffolding.

We approach every job with the utmost care, stringently following safety and site regulations. All our certified Geelong scaffolders wear correct safety gear, we take care of our own traffic management, tag all our scaffold and take photos of our work as we progress. We maintain photographic and written records of all our scaffold erection and dismantling jobs.

Perimeter Scaffolding director Stan Demo has 30 years’ experience working with scaffold, while our expert team boasts three scaffolders with many years’ loyal experience with our company. We pride ourselves on maintaining our workforce and building camaraderie and understanding between each other. That is priceless and hard to come by in the industry.